Thursday, June 2, 2016


Great week, we have been very busy lately traveling back and forth between Helsinki so we have been handing out a lot of Book of Mormons on the train!  Train contacting is very interesting, especially since Finnish trains are dead quiet. The social rule here is absolutely no eye contact, and pretend your busy on your phone, and if a mormon missionary comes up to you and sits next to you stick in your head phones:)  Right now the people we have baptisimal dates with are doing great, we havent been able to meet with them since last Wednesday because one has been sick and the other has had to work for 15 days straight, but were still able to keep in contact with them.  

We also had a bachelor party for a member in our ward because he got married. aka smoothies and game night with an investigator. It was fun. Compared to America, Finnish weddings are so mellow and low cost.  But we have been tracting a lot this week and have found a lot of great potentials, so hopefully stuff will come from that.

Im emailing early today because we have Zone conference tomorrow, so Pday was moved.

A member in our ward is a message therapist and was nice enough to take us out to eat and give us free massages which was a life saver because the shoulder bags they make us wear make your shoulders and neck so tight!

Have a wonderful week,

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