Monday, August 31, 2015

Change week! 31/8/2015‏

Wow, cant believe 8 months ago I came out on my mission. Its incredible how fast time can fly out here. Some days feel like months. But some months feel like days. Super weird.

But the time for changes has come! My new companion is Elder Broadhead, who is from Ohio. He still isnt here yet, I will get him tomorrow but Im staying here in Helsinki which is pretty great! There is a lot of wonderful things in this area, and I love the ward.  This upcoming change is a 10 weeker so wish me luck!! This week has been great though. Wednesday there was a massive YSA barbecue that we had our German investigator at. He is such a cool and intelligent guy, hes a astrophysicist who studies the Auros up in Northern Finland (the northern lights). But he is so great to teach, he has already stared reading D&C.  But the barbeque was really fun and we had a massive game of American Football going on which was pretty sweet.  Right now we also have quiet a few investigators, the problem is that with the summer ending soon everyone is trying to squeeze out the last of it so there never home to meet. But the summer is ending soon so everyone is settling back down. Thats the one good thing about Finnish winters is everyone is home all the time because nobody wants to get frozen outside so we have the opportunity to meet a lot more often haha.  But other then that not to much has happened. We had some lessons with investigators, and found some new investigators, but the baptismal dates we had dropped so hopefully with the start of the new change things will pick up!  But I have definately seen the Lords hands in our finding! We have found a great many new people, and im so thankful for that!!  

Also, Saturday night there was this massive midnight run in Helsinki, and the street my apartment was on was one of the biggest parts of the race, and there was a huge DJ set up outside and thousands of runners, and thats all I could hear as im trying to go to sleep. Long night.  

Elder Ford

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