Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 25th‏


Dear Family and Friends,

Another great week in Neitsytpolku. Cant believe that this week is the last week of the transfer! Transfer calls are this saturday! But this transfer was a shorter one, 8 weeks, because of the new missionaries coming in, but the next one is going to be 10 weeks!! Whoo! But yesterday we had the opportunity to bring two of our investigators to a YSA activity and watch Meet the Mormons. It went really great, except I have literally seen Meet the Mormons 8 times now. Its getting a little ridiculous, but a good movie non theless.  It was our investigators Mikola`´s birthday, so we brought him some Good old fashion Rootbeer and star bursts haha. Those things arent easy to come across in europe, you have to go to import stores and buy them! Its super weird, in europe the Club soda is huge (carbonated water), and then the only other soda is Coke, Diet Coke, Orange Fanta, and Sprite Zero. Not sprite, but sprite zero. Thats it. Dont ask me why.  But the two that came to that were Mikola and Sonja, there both super cool. We met Sonja not to long ago, we tracted into her. she is this super cool 20 year old girl that served in the finnish army, and then backpacked a ton in South America... alone! She has a ton of sketchy stories that just remind me of the daily life I hear of missionary friends in south america haha.  We have had a ton of great lessons this week with several other investigators where the spirit was definitely present. The hard thing about finnish summers, is because the finnish summer is so short and the winter so long everybody takes advantage of the summer and travels everywhere and is always so busy, so consistent teaches with people is not easy haha. But the Lord has really blessed us this change and we have been teaching quite a bit which has been really great.  

Do great things. Be great. Everything is possible through the Lord.


Elder Ford

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