Thursday, February 12, 2015

Two and a half weeks left in the MTC! Week 6!

Terve Everyone!!!

This week has gone suuuuppppeeeerrr fast. It just literally felt like it was last P-day. I'm doing great, I get my travel plans not this friday but next!!! I'm so excited!!  I mean, the MTC is great don't get me wrong, but I want to get out and teach those people of Finland! The Finnish is coming better and better. We almost have learned everything and then we get to go back and review which will be so nice. This is the way I see my Finnish right now. It's like building a sandcastle, except my foundation kind of sucks, but everyday we learn more and more rules and stuff about finnish so right now my sandcastle is kind of this big disorganized lump. There's stuff there, its just disorganized, so when I finally get to review then I can really start getting the foundation and organizing it. I know what I need to learn, now I just need to learn it.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the early birthday present! It was awesome getting that, and thanks for the Greenie package Dallin!!! haha its awesome. It's kind of funny, they give you gum in that package, and it's banned at the MTC. But the church is the one who makes them. haha it doesn't make any sense.  

OKOK, I need someone to confirm this for me and send me a Dear Elder so I get an answer. Apparently the watch that I won a few months back that I took with me to the MTC is worth 300 dollars. I know this because I was walking and some elder came up to me and was like "WOW where did you get that, those are worth a couple hundred bucks!! I didn't know if he was messing with me or not, but then I've got three other elders randomly telling me the same thing and I didn't tell them about my watch. SO SOMEONE GO TO EBAY AND TYPE IN "G-Shock Brisk edition". Tell me the price cause now I'm actually really curious. I won it in a contest hosted by the Drink company Brisk.  Anyway, that'll be sweet if it's worth some.  

Days are moving super fast in here though!! My finnish keeps getting better everyday, and Elder Nissen and I keep are usually teaching 2 30 minute lessons a day.  We have our investigator committed to baptism this saturday which is pretty sweet!! I realized I haven't told much of my companion. He's from Mesa, Arizona. Me and him get along really good, and we teach great together! He's really funny and can do a lot of great impressions.  The only funny thing is I'm not a morning person and it takes a while for me to get out of bed. But he's a morning person, and literally flies out of bed each morning and does an Irish jig on the way out.  So in the morning's is a struggle.  But it's all good!

I'm learning the more I let the holy ghost take control of the lessons the better. You cannot convert someone to the Church without the Holy Ghost let them know of it's truth! A couple of days back I was teaching one of my investigators and I started baring my testimony and I stopped thinking about the language and I could feel the spirit really strongly, and I bore my witness of the truthfulness of Joseph smith and I was saying a ton of things in Finnish I didn't know I could say.  It's amazing. My main goal is to become sensitive enough to the spirit where I can receive that witness when I am teaching real investigators in Finland!!  

This week I also saw the head coach of BYU football team here at the MTC. So right now there's this Tongan in the MTC that's 6-8, 410 lbs. HES HUGEEE.  Like i've never seen bigger hands. He shrinks everyone.  he's never played football before and the coach came in here and gave him a fullride. It's crazy.

Mina Tiedan etta, Jeesuksen Kristuksen Kirkko on totta, ya Joseph Smith palatettui Kristuksen malla, ja jumala rakastan meita.  mina rakastan lahetyssaanarialla, ja koska jumalan kirkko voin olla minun perhella iankakkinen, ja haluan kiakki ihmiset saada se.  

"I know that jesus christ church is true and joseph smith restored christ's church, and jesus loves everyone.  I love being a missionary and because of god's church I can be with my family eternally, and I want all people to receive that.

I love you all!! thanks so much for the love and support!!

Scripture of the day! D:C 100:5-8.

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