Thursday, February 26, 2015

Last email before leaving to Finland!!

WOOOT! I leave to finland this monday! It has finally come! Do I feel like I know the language really well? Not really. But it'll slowly come.  So my Flight plans are to leave at 6:30 am on monday which is super sweet because most of the time it's 3:30 am. Then I go to Dallas, then to England, and then to Helsinki! I'm super excited!! I just can't wait!!  This week has gone by super uber fast!!  I'm almost nearly packed, just a little more to go! 

I just recently read the entire book of Mark, and I love it! Jesus just has miracle after miracle and it's really such a great book. I would highly recommend if you have read it to read it!  

Not a whole bunch has happened this week, it just went by so fast. I usually teach about 3 lessons a day now, but they all go by pretty fast. I just cant wait to get in the field and teach real people!

I love my Savior Jesus Christ and all the he does for everyone! His atonement and the plan of salvation are real and are the key to real happiness!  

Sorry for this email to be shorter but not much has happened haha. I think it's just sort of getting hectic with about to leave and all.

Love you all!

Vanhin Ford

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