Thursday, February 19, 2015

2nd to last P-Day in the MTC. week 7

So my best homie from Riverton left to the Ukraine, Goodluck ditty!! and the other elder is elder henderson, me and him became good friends. He lived on my floor and he's going to brazil, but since brazil is short pickings of the visa's he's got reassigned to Arizona till he gets it. His nickname was muscles cause he was my workout buddy

Terve everyone!!

This week had to be the fastest week in the MTC, ever. It just felt like I was typing last weeks email. Well first off I get my TRAVEL PLANS tomorrow, which i'm super stoked about. I really have less then a week in a half left in the MTC which is super cool!!!!  It's crazy how fast time goes when your looking back on it.  So yesterday I got to skype a real finn which was really cool. His name was Anton, he was a really cool guy. He served a mission in London. I couldn't understand much of what he said, but the muffle over skype didn't help. The funniest of that lesson was we asked him what "mantelimassa"  meant which is almond paste in finnish and had a good laugh trying to figure that one out. He tried super hard to come up with an answer, but it took him a bit. Makes me really excited to teach real people even though I won't know much of what to say. But I know how to bear my testimony which is sweet, and that's all I need. Not a whole ton has happened this week, especially since it went by so fast it felt like two days.  But that means the next week will be going even faster and I'll be off to finland!!  The language is still slowly coming but it's somewhat there. the hard thing about finnish is in order for some words to be said, you have to figure out the context of the sentence. For example the ending "ing" in english, there's like 5 different ways to say it in finnish and you have to apply the certain rule according to the context of the sentence. So it takes a lot of practice to be able to speak good finnish.  But that's where the Lord blesses, you try your best and he makes up for the shortcomings.    

So i've been studying a lot in Mark in the Bible.  There's just one story right after one story of Jesus performing miracles and a lot of the time the apostles will ask how he did it, and he gives the same response everytime. If ye have faith, anything is possible. Now there's more to it then just having faith that you'll have a Lamborghini the next morning. If your desire is sincere and it's to bless other peoples lives and it's in God's will then anything is possible!!

Well that's about it for this week. My investigator got baptized so I was pretty happy about that even though it was fake.  I'm the one that baptized her so I got my first baptism even though it wasn't real haha..  Anyway, I'm super stoked to be getting out of the MTC and into the real world!!!

Mina tiedan etta jumala elaa ya han rakastan kaikki.  koska jeesuksen kristuksen me voimme olla meidan perhe iankakkinen elama.  "I know that god lives and he loves all. Because of Jesus Christ we can be with our families for Eternity.  

Love everyone and thanks for all the letters!!!

Vanhin Ford

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