Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Good ol¨¨Helsinki‏

Dear family and friends,

Well, I have been serving for almost a week now in Helsinki! Love it, so many great people from around the world and so many great finns!!! The ward down here is absolutely amazing and I absolutely love the piispa (bishop)! Such a wonderful guy. Basically the whole bishopric is 30 year old guys with 2 kids.

My new companion is Elder Smith, he is from Centerville, Utah. He is actually my first companion out here from Utah. He is a super cool guy who is going home this October.  Him and I served together in Jyväskylä in the same district. But this week we have been working super hard and have talked to tons of people on the street. We have so many new potentials, its awesome. A lot of great things are going to happen in the Neitsytpolku ward. Now were just trying to follow up with everyone in the most efficient manner.  

But Helsinki is such a beautiful place, it has an old look with a super modern look. Really cool.  Right now the world gymnastic cup is going on in Helsinki, so there are teams from everywhere around the world, a ton from south america.  It makes me wish I would have kept studying spanish in school haha..  

Right now we have two solid investigators. One is a really cool finn girl, and the other is an American from Los Angelos, whos lived in Finland for a long time now.

One thing that I have been studying is the Journeys of the Sons of Mosiah and everything that they went through.  They experienced all the highs and lows one could get, but they did it with diligence and faith and because of that they helped many souls come unto Christ. Hopefully we can all be to as diligent as they were. They are living proof that no matter where we come from in life, we can all turn around no matter what. They were the worst of the worst, but they became some of the best of the best. Anything is possible with Christ.


Elder Ford.  

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