Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Springs coming in Lapland.‏

Finnish sunset over a frozen lake in jyväskylä

Hey everybody!
Been a great week!! I got to do splits wednesday through friday with Vanhin Smith and Vanhin Kontinen because Vanhin Findley has to go down to Helsinki for leadership meeting. It was super fun, and on thursday I had three dinner appointments! One of them the member took us to Ali Baba which is like a greek pizza buffet which was super good.  The pizza in Finland is a lot more flat and less greasy. American pizza definately wins though.  Had a good time with them and finally got to bike around town. I just used Vanhin Findleys bike because I dont have one because I am in a bus mission and we dont use bikes, which is kind of nice because lately its been really cold and wet.  Also this week, we met this guy on the street, and then a few days later we met him again as we were leaving an appoitment. He was moving apartments so we offered to help and he accepted. We spent about 2 hours helping him move which was good and then we got to teach him about the restoration after. Hes from Cameroon, which is in Africa. He doesnt really like it here because he says the cultures compared to here and home are like black and white.  Its super cold in finland and the people are super quiet. In cameroon its tropical and he says everyone is loud and outgoing haha. But he offered us dinner and we had some. I forgot what its called, it has smoked fish and some vegetable from cameroon. The taste was ok, but the texture was pretty bad. It had the texture of drool. We would dip this bread like potato thing in it, and my hand smelled like fish for the rest of the day haha.  
But right now we got to teach a girl from Khadekstan. The cool thing about Jyväskylä is that its a college town so theres a lot of foreign college students here. She says that she enjoys the winters here because where she leaves it gets 40 below. Thats insane.  Ouch. 
But the new #becausehelives or in suomi its #koskahänelää, is super good. Share it on social media so that everyone can see it! The church did an amazing job putting it together so share it so people can know the true meaning of Easter. Because he lives we are able to live with our father in heaven forever. We are able to enjoy blessings, and we are able to live with our families forever. 
One thing that is amazing about this life, is that we have the ability to choose. We have the ability to be agents to act, rather then to be acted upon. Yes its can be hard sometimes, but the hard times in our life are given to us to humble us and to grow stronger. The Lord told the Nephites in Helaman that he gave them tribulations because he loves them and knows that they need it to be humbled or they would forget the Lord there God.
The church is true and Joseph smith really was a prophet!
Vanhin Ford
Happiness is not a destination, but it is the Journey. 

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