Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hey Everyone!!‏

Hey everyone!!!
So it turns out the email that I thought I wrote last week didnt get sent and got deleted! But all of last week was basically 3 days at the mission home for training, and then we went to Tampere for stake conference which was way cool! They rented out a big stadium type thing because the Stake Center in Tampere cant fit everyone! Last Wednesday I also got to go through the Helsinki Temple for the first time. It was SOO beautiful I loved it!!!  Such an amazing temple!
But this week has been good! We have been doing a lot of teaching. Right now were teaching this girl from China who has come to church three weeks in a row!!  She is progressing well. Another really cool experience is we were coming home yesterday when we walked by this lady and just said hi. But as she was walking away we felt impressed to go and talk to her!! So we turned around and went and talked to her!! Turns out her daughter died a few years ago and she has been really anxious about that, so we told her about the PelastusSunnitellma, or the plan of salvation!! It has been great!!  But change calls are this week! Its crazy!! Time has moved here so fast. Other then that its all good up here!
Love ya everyone! Were going to a carnival for Pday so I dont have as much time to write! Thanks for all the love and support!!!

Vanhin Ford

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