Friday, January 16, 2015

Week two- God blesses and Finnish is hard

Hey everyone!! So this week has been great.  Not a ton has happened, just studying hard everyday.  The apostle Russell M Neilson came to speak to us and his wife on Sunday, and it was a really good talk about desperation, and how it can be used to draw us closer to the Lord. Interesting topic but really good none the less. Elder Nissen and I teach two Finnish investigators every single day in pure Finnish for about 20 minutes, sometimes a half an hour. My finnish is slowly coming and improving. I can understand mostly what my teachers say now, and I can say a lot of simple phrases and sentences.  The classes can be pretty long though. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have 3 3.5 hour segments of learning pure finnish. By the end of your day sometimes you have to get a mop and bucket and mop of your exploded mind.  But the lord blesses me so much. Sometimes you have to go threw those hard trials before you are given strength, because he knows it strengthens you. Other then that is was just a normal day in the neighborhood of the MTC. Actually, a chocolate milk exploded in my closet accidently. I woke up and heard a boom in my closet haha.  But my testimony has grown in so many ways!! I read Joseph Smith History which I would challenge anyone to do and its soo good, you really get a reassurance of your faith, and I had a really awesome temple sesh. My District is really fun, we get along all really well and support each other. My branch presidency is also really cool. The two counselors both served in finland in the 1950's. So yea there ancient.  Theres this funny counselor named Brother Leifson that gives the most anti climatic stories ever haha. One story he was like, one time I was at the Mesa Arizona temple and found a grapefruit, and it was the best grapefruit I ever had. Just randomly in the middle of a discussion. And thats all he says haha. Its hilarious.  But I finally feel like Im getting used to the MTC, which is great!! I've been working out real hard which also a great motivator for me.
But i'm figuring out why finnish is soo hard. It has a billion rules. and the 15 syllable words dont help. But it really is a beautiful language, and with the right amount of time I'll get it.

Thanks to everyone who's sending me letters, emails and dear elders. I love them so much and hearing your guys support means a ton to me. I'm going to try personally respond to everyone, but as you know time here is limited. There is no such thing as free time!!  I really do love it here at the MTC. it's very hard work learning finnish but it helps me grow in so many ways.  

Love to everyone
(Mina Rakastamme sinua)

Vanhin Ford

Scripture of the day:  Romans 8:18

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