Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tommorrow is the halfway point in the MTC! Almost a month down!‏

Terve everybody!!

It's weird, this has been the slowest and fastest month. Looking back on it, it was super fast, but in the moment it can be slow. Weeks feel like days here, but days feel like weeks. It's weird. The MTC time is on another level.  This week has been really solid!!  The language is coming even better! If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me where I'm going and I said finland and they told me that's the hardest language for an english learner, I would have a million dollars haha!  Yea it's hard, but mentally I grow a lot from it, and its progressively coming. Right now i'm trying to memorize the first vision.

"Kutsua miuta tulemaan luikse automalla hieta ottamaan vastaan palatettu evankeliumi uskomalla Jeesuksen Kristukseen ja hanen Sovituksensa. Tekemalla parannus ottamalla vastaan kaste, jahja ja pyhen hengen ja hestamalla loppuun asti."

That's the missionary purpose that I just memorized in Finnish. Finnish is a very literal language, also a very beautiful language. Like you say Mina pyhen hangensta, in english it would be "I have the holy ghost", but in finnish it translates the holy ghost is in me, or on me.  so I have to rewire my brain into thinking weird about how I translate things.   Elder Nissen and I are teaching half hour lessons everyday in pure finnish which is pretty sweet. Both of our investigators have agreed to baptism which is pretty cool even if there fake, but one of them is afraid of water so now we have to figure out how to get around that.    This week the Hungarian district in our district also left to Hungary which was pretty sad cause I became good friends with all of them, but yesterday we got 24 newbies in our district. Estonians, hungarians, latvians, and lithuanians.  So on my floor there is 12 languages being spoken, its crazy.  There's one guy learning Malagasy on the floor who walks around chanting so he can learn his language, and it sounds like some crazy african tribe is walking around outside haha.  

But I'm doing great everyone! I love it here at the MTC! Some days can be hard and long, but just like our Savior Jesus Christ, he had to experience the lowest of lows before reaching the highest of highs. Of course were never going to experience that low, but the lows here help you grow stronger! I have got into the groove of things here, my brain is starting to get use to the explosion of information everyday. I'm still tired though. always tired. I go threw waves of it. Like for example, today I did sealings (I did it as a child because missionaries can't be couples), and I fell asleep and the leader called on me to be a witness and my companion nudged me and I just sleeply walked over to the wrong spot haha.  I'm super excited to just get over to Finland. I just want to teach real people!! But my time will come fast. My workouts have been going great here to, I workout hard every single day. They got a gym and weight room here. The gainz are oli(big).  

Oh btw Jae, "Jae" in finnish means "verse" so thanks for that, cause now I remember the word so when I tell my investigator to find a verse I remember it. But it's more pronounced y-a-(soft) e. Thanks for all the letters and support from everyone!!   

way funny story. So in sacrament meeting this last sunday my branch president was bearing his testimony about the testimony, and it was a really powerful talk. Just as he was getting to the climax of the testimony and tears were streaming, he went to catch his breath and there was pure silence. Just then this hungarian Elder behind me starts snoring wayyyy loud haha. It was soooo hard not to just burst out laughing because he happened to do this way loud snore at the climax of the testimony.

This week we also had a great speaker, his name was Brother Katchum. I just thought of ash catchem from pokemon.  Anyway, he talked about how Satan likes to "push our buttons", or he knows things that if he pushes on us, it will plant a seed in our hearts of worry, and confusion or stuff like that. So just remember if you have stuff in your life that you worry about, don't let satan take it out of hand. God brings peace, and rest!`

Challenge of the week: Read the 4 accounts of Jesus death on the cross from the bible. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Learn about the atonement that took place, and pray to know of it's truth and I promise you'll be blessed!!

My new nickname is elder mantelimassa. That's almond paste in finnish haha.  

tarkoituksemme maan paallaa on valmistautua kohtaamaan jumala.  That sentence said we came to this earth so that we could meet God.  By the way, for anyone trying to translate finnish in google translate. I wouldn't haha. It's awful. There's to many rules in finnish to properly structure a sentence through a computer.  

Anyway, hope everyone's doing swell!!  If you wanna talk just shoot me a message

Mina rakastan kaikki!!  I love everyone!

Vanhin Ford.

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